12 Things to Consider When Viewing a Home

  Buying a home is an exciting and stressful time in your life and possibly one of the best investments you can make. But if you aren’t a home-buying expert, it can be hard to know exactly what to look (or look out) for. Location & Neighborhood Location is an important thing to consider when buying a home. Is the home near your work? Is it close to a freeway? What is the crime rate in that area? Do your neighbors take care of their properties? Are there any loud bars or event centers nearby that could create noise during the night? Are you on a busy road or a quiet cul-de-sac? These are all important things to ask yourself when searching for your home; especially a home you plan on staying in for a long period of time. To read Why Location Matters in Real Estate, click here. Floor… Read more »

Do you have a Credit Qualification or a Full Pre-Approval?

  If you are like most people applying for a home loan, then you probably didn’t know that there is a difference between a Credit Qualification and a Full Pre-approval.   Here is the difference:   Credit Qualification typically involves a few questions and (maybe) a credit pull.   A Full Pre-Approval actually involves going through an entire application together by reviewing your current living situation, pulling credit, gathering income documentation, verifying income, analyzing bank statements, running DU and running the full package by the ultimate decision makers- the Underwriter.   At times this might feel overwhelming and intrusive, but going through this process will ensure that you are as prepared as possible when making an offer and buying a home.   Can you see the potential problem with buying a home without this level of preparation?

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, which means they can get messy and cluttered quickly. There aren’t many things better than being able to find everything you need in your kitchen quickly and easily, so we’ve complied the ultimate kitchen organization tips to help you conquer the clutter! 1.Pantry Organization Pantry organization is a must; especially when you don’t have a large walk in pantry. Shelves can get cluttered quickly if you don’t have a method to the madness. Below are a few pantry organization tips that can help keep your food space easily accessible and organized Food Storage Containers Storage containers (like these ones from Amazon) are great for storing items like flour, sugar, pasta, beans and various other bulk items. The air-tight lids make for easy storage and keep your foods fresh. SOURCE Canned Food Storage One thing is for certain; canned food… Read more »

Create a Home Office in a Small Space

  Office space can be hard to find; especially if you live in a smaller home. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for creating a home office in a small space. Corner Desk A corner desk is a great way to fit your office space into your small area and makes great use of an area that may otherwise not be used. For instructions on how to make this office corner desk, click here. Shelves Above the Desk Adding shelve space above your desk is a great way to free up some extra space if you have a small desk area. You can store pictures, books and miscellaneous items close, but out of the way. Drawer Space Make sure the office space you create has a good amount of drawer space. This will help keep the top of the desk free of clutter and neat. If you plan… Read more »

8 Clever Ideas for a Fun and Organized Kid’s Bedroom

  If you are like most parents, you always looking for ways to keep your kid’s rooms clean, organized and fun. This can be a difficult feat for most, so we have compiled 8 clever ideas for a fun and organized kid’s bedroom. Bunk Beds Alright, so maybe this isn’t a “clever” idea, because if you have kids sharing a room it’s probably a solution you already have. Nonetheless, bunk beds are a great space saving idea if you have two or more kids sharing a room (yes, there is such thing as triple bunk beds!!). Plus, if you’re really tight on space, most bunk beds still have space under the lower bunk for even more under-the-bed storage solutions.   Magnetic Chore Charts Magnetic chore charts are a fun way for your kids to take on a little more responsibility. It’s a visual and engaging way for them to get… Read more »

Get the Most Out of Your Small Patio with These Space-Saving Tips

We understand how hard it can be to maximize the space of a small patio area, so we’ve compiled a short list of the best tips on getting the most out of your space. Vertical Garden Gardening doesn’t have to be out of the equation if you have small patio space. Vertical gardening will help create a charming patio atmosphere without taking up a lot of space. There are a lot of different ways you can achieve a vertical garden, such as this $10 DIY ladder planter by Shanty 2 Chic, or this DIY Vertical Plant Hanger by I heart naptime, and it’s a sure fire way to create a relaxing environment for you and your guests to enjoy. Stackable Stools for Entertaining Stackable stools are the perfect way to preserve space while ensuring adequate seating when you’re entertaining guests. Just unstack the stools while friends and family are over… Read more »

Our Favorite Smart Appliances of 2017

Have you considered making your home ‘smart?’ Well, companies all across the world are trying to develop products for your home that are controlled by a single app on your phone. While this is a relatively new concept, we’re already seeing smart technology that will help improve the functionality of your home and make daily tasks easier. Here are some of our favorite appliances of 2017 so far.   Samsung Family Hub This amazing appliance is exactly what your busy family needs. With a 21.5” connected touchscreen, this fridge has the capability of creating shopping lists, setting expiration notifications, sharing multiple calendars, photos and notes from your cell phone or directly on the Family Hub™ and even the capability to view inside your fridge from anywhere with the 3 built-in cameras. But it gets better! In addition, this refrigerator streams music and videos from apps like Pandora, Spotify and Tune-in… Read more »

So You’ve Been Pre-Qualified! What’s Next?

  So you’ve been pre-qualified, which is a GREAT first step in the mortgage process.  Now, you may be wondering “what happens next?” These next few weeks will be an exciting and stressful time for you, so knowing the process is essential to keeping yourself sane. Here’s what happens after you’ve been pre-qualified to purchase a home. Start looking for a home: Once your loan officer lets you know you have been pre-qualified, he/she should contact your real estate agent to let them know the details of your loan (like the amount and loan type). Once your agent has been informed of this information, they can now take you to see homes that are in your price range with your desired features. This is the fun part, so make sure to enjoy the hunt!   Put an offer in: Once you find your dream home, it’s time to put an… Read more »

5 Reasons to Upgrade From an Apartment to a Home

People upgrade from renting an apartment to purchasing their own home for many different reasons. If you’re still unsure if it’s the right move for you, take a look at these five reasons an upgrade may be right for you! 1. Your family is growing If you have a large family, you know that space is a valuable thing. Weather you already have kids or you’re expecting your first bundle of joy, having enough room is an important advantage to upgrading from an apartment to a house. 2. You want to be able to paint and decorate as you please Renovating your home can be a fun and much needed project when you’re looking for a little change in your life, but most apartments -or rental properties- won’t allow you to make those changes. If you own your own home, you can make those renovations as often as you please!… Read more »